Whether at home or in public, the Wi-Fi connection may leave a window open for nefarious actors to climb inside your digital life. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity’s Ron Yearwood and Dave Best present best practices for protecting your wireless connection.

The old adage “you’re only as strong as your weakest link” is spot-on when it comes to safeguarding your computer systems from cyber attack. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity’s Jordan Rae Kelly and Angjelo Marku present best practices for fortifying basic barriers that secure your most sensitive data.

With employees depending heavily on their mobile devices to accomplish business goals, the need to keep those devices secure is imperative. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity’s David Dunn and Jonathan Snyder present best practices for securing your mobile device.

In this radio interview for SAfm, Senior Managing Director Jordan Rae Kelly discusses cybersecurity and how governments are building resiliency today and where gaps still remain.

In this interview for eNCA, a South African news broadcaster, Senior Managing Director Jordan Rae Kelly provided commentary on the cybersecurity global threat landscape.

African Law & Business recapped the panel session at the International Bar Association (IBA) annual conference in Seoul, where Jordan Rae Kelly participated alongside expert lawyers who provided their national and regional perspectives on the role of lawyers in helping design appropriate legislative architecture for data security.

South Africa is a target firmly in the view of cyber threat actors today. The Country’s move towards digital transformation, combined with a regulatory and judicial environment that is still grappling to achieve greater effectiveness, leaves it in a vulnerable position. In this article, read about the current cybersecurity landscape in South Africa.

The unfortunate reality is that the healthcare industry faces tremendous risks from cyber threats due to a combination of dangerous factors. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity’s Jordan Rae Kelly and Jonathan Snyder analyze those factors and how they contribute to the industry’s cyber risk.

Anthony J. Ferrante, Global Head of Cybersecurity, recently sat down with Fordham News to discuss the inception of the International Conference on Cyber Security and his participation at the 2019 event.

Due diligence in mergers and acquisitions has traditionally centered on financial, organizational structure, operational, or contractual risks; however, assessing cyber risk is now just as vital. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity’s Ron Yearwood and Dave Best discuss the importance of cyber risk due diligence and what to be mindful of during M&A.

Fordham News recapped “The Tipping Point: Cyber Risks to the Election System,” a panel held at the International Conference on Cyber Security. Panelists included Anthony J. Ferrante, Global Head of Cybersecurity at FTI Consulting; Anne Nueberger, Director of Cybersecurity at the National Security Agency; Chris Wlaschin, Vice President of Election and Systems Software; and Brad Tusk, CEO of Tusk Ventures.

In this Connected World article, Global Head of Cybersecurity Anthony J. Ferrante provides comment on the role that artificial intelligence plays in both cybersecurity and cyber attacks.

In April’s edition of the FTI Cybersecurity Briefing Book, read about the BuzzFeed Defamation Lawsuit, our Assessment & Incident Response Retainer, trend alerts, media mentions, and events.

Emails impersonating legitimate individuals for nefarious purposes, also known as business email compromise (BEC), is a rapidly growing threat. In this High Performance Counsel article, FTI Cybersecurity’s Anthony J. Ferrante and Greenberg Traurig’s Paul Ferrillo describe why it should be a concern for all organizations, and how to protect against an attack or respond in the event an attack is successful.

The ominous-sounding “dark web” is often associated with criminal activity, and there is no denying that it is used as a platform for illicit purposes. But corporations that know how to monitor the global platform can protect themselves from cyber attacks. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity’s David Dunn details how cyber criminals are exploiting the dark web and why you should too.

Ahead of the RSA 2019 conference, IT Pro Today asked cybersecurity experts what they thought would be the biggest draws. Many spoke about machine learning and artificial intelligence, including Anthony J. Ferrante, Global Head of Cybersecurity.