Alert: Actionable Guidance on SolarWinds Cyber Attacks

June 1, 2021

In light of recent global press coverage of nation-state cyber attacks, SUNBURST/Solarigate, and third-party application security concerns, FTI Cybersecurity is issuing immediate actionable intelligence. 

Many organizations are vulnerable to third-party application risks, and the latest example of this type of cyber attack involves U.S. federal agencies and high-profile companies that were breached via a connected third-party.  

Given the significant risk potential in this evolving situation, FTI Cybersecurity encourages all clients to take a proactive stance in addressing this threat, and all entities that currently use this third-party product should assume they have been breached. We also understand that there may be other vectors of compromise implicated in this campaign that may not be made public, such that all entities must be on high alert.

FTI Cybersecurity has issued immediate actionable intelligence advising steps you can take to remain secure and resilient in the face of this ongoing threat.

As we learn more about the cyber attack, what was impacted, and how to mitigate risks, we will list new updates and developments here:

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