Complex Investigations & Litigation

Our team routinely tackles global, large-scale, and complex issues, that often stem from data privacy and security related concerns, and demand intricate solutions. We quickly unearth key facts and data sets to enable timely and strategic decisions in investigations, leading to cutting-edge and data-driven results.

Litigation Support
Our team supports clients facing high-stakes litigation, including class action data privacy cases, arbitration and compliance investigations, and regulatory scrutiny. We help clients protect their enterprise value through:

Our testifying experts have decades of experience at the highest levels of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and global private sector institutions. This background is needed to be effective and demonstrate confidence during testimony and in written submissions, and to verify results and findings. Learn more.

Our team provides cyber readiness and incident response support using expert services, methodologies, and tools that help companies and their legal advisors understand technology dependent issues. This is essential when translating sophisticated artifacts and findings through the course of litigation so that deciding parties understand the material presented.

We have proven success at uncovering the facts and getting to the bottom of complex incidents using creative approaches. Our experts have the ability to untangle and understand cybersecurity attribution to determine what exactly happened. Using extensive experience and state-of-the-art tools, our team recovers, searches, and analyzes massive amounts of data at the speed demanded by litigation.

Data Breach Class Action
We are well-suited to handle complex, class action cases that require a multidisciplinary approach to dispute resolution. Our team plays a pivotal role for clients by conducting an initial exposure assessment, quantifying damages and business valuations, and providing industry-savvy settlement advice, large-scale case processing, sound scoring, and settlement compliance review.

Uniquely Equipped to Solve Complex Problems

  • Rapid response and surge capabilities anywhere in the world within 24 hours
  • Hundreds of dedicated cybersecurity experts, data privacy, and incident responders
  • Independent credentials led by executives with decades of experience at the highest levels of law enforcement, prosecuting offices, and intelligence agencies
  • World class communications team can provide immediate and scalable messaging and engagement support should a communication issue arise following an investigation

Customized Approach & Solutions

  • Creative solutions specific to industry, size, and challenge
  • World class industry and technology experts that apply real-world expertise and proven strategies to tackle any issue
  • Engineer and deploy tailored, advanced analytics capabilities to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining technologies