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Stay Protected While Connected: Wi-Fi Safety

Whether at home or in public, the Wi-Fi connection may leave a window open for nefarious actors to climb inside your digital life. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity’s Ron Yearwood and Dave Best present best practices for protecting your wireless connection.

Secure Your Data by Tightening Your Weakest Links

The old adage “you’re only as strong as your weakest link” is spot-on when it comes to safeguarding your computer systems from cyber attack. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity’s Jordan Rae Kelly and Angjelo Marku present best practices for fortifying basic barriers that secure your most sensitive data.

Keep Your Phone Close — And Your Data Closer

With employees depending heavily on their mobile devices to accomplish business goals, the need to keep those devices secure is imperative. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity’s David Dunn and Jonathan Snyder present best practices for securing your mobile device.