Cyber Readiness

All organizations are vulnerable to cybersecurity risk. Being sufficiently prepared relies on several factors including specific regulation demands, nature of business conducted, type and amount of information stored, and scale and scope of the organization’s footprint. FTI Cybersecurity works with your team to evaluate your specific needs to tailor solutions that enhance data security and readiness to defend against the unique cybersecurity risks facing your organization.

Building a robust security posture is the best way to prevent a data breach from occurring. You cannot control if you will be the victim of a cyber attack or not, but you can control how to respond to one. Effective and tailored incident prevention measures can help preserve your corporate reputation, operations, critical assets and financial standing. Waiting until an incident has occurred to act is too late.

Cyber Readiness Services

A comprehensive cybersecurity program is critical in today’s threat landscape. To ensure your organization is properly protected, our team will determine if you meet industry standard best practices, are compliant with the latest industry requirements, identify and assess your vulnerabilities, and devise a holistic set of scored recommendations, ensuring your sensitive data is protected and securing your company’s future.

FTI Cybersecurity offers high-value, intelligence-based penetration testing services that simulate the activities of real-world attackers to find vulnerabilities in target systems and exploit them under controlled circumstances. The objectives of a penetration test are to assess a security team’s readiness, cooperation between internal teams and outsourced security providers, security vulnerabilities and gaps, security tools and defenses, and incident response capabilities and processes. Learn more.

Traditional threat detection techniques are sometimes not enough to mitigate risk, since they generally rely on receiving an alert of a potential threat before any action is taken. Alternatively, threat-hunting operations actively search for and detect threats, allowing for remediation before warnings are triggered. Our experts can assist your organization by using an innovative approach that synthesizes operational intelligence and cybersecurity technical intelligence and engaging in operations that focus on likely targeted areas of your network to proactively identify advanced persistent threats.

Our experts perform a thorough review of security policies and procedures; conduct interviews with staff to understand how security policies, processes, and procedures are implemented, managed, and enforced; and administer a gap assessment of existing security controls as compared to industry standards. Benefits include improved security posture, faster threat response, and solidified governance structure.

FTI Cybersecurity designs custom vulnerability assessment plans to ensure your infrastructure is secure and stable, preventing hackers from infiltrating systems with unidentified and unpatched vulnerabilities. Regular assessments allow our team to test systems for any irregularities, inconsistencies, and anomalies that might render an organization’s network vulnerable to attack.

Improving your security posture may require thinking like cyber threat actors who are targeting your critical assets, networks and systems. Red teaming allows our experts to test your intruder detection defenses, simulate what would happen in a real cyber attack, and provide your team with relevant experience on what to look for and how to react. Learn more.

FTI Cybersecurity offers custom exercises designed to test and improve your organization’s capabilities to respond to cybersecurity events. We use bespoke, plausible scenarios developed around the current landscape and intended to challenge your organization’s existing plans, processes, and team members. They can build from a workshop to a full simulation depending on your resilience maturity. We can focus on functional teams, provide technical realities, or run multi-organization, multi-day cross-functional crisis simulation exercises. Learn more.

Growing data privacy and cybersecurity concerns have led to an increase in legislation and regulation, which often involve demanding requirements. Our experts focus on ensuring that your organization meets its unique compliance requirements while maximizing the return on cybersecurity investment.

Our cybersecurity compliance services address:

Learn more.

Exploding growth of corporate data, whether stored on servers, in the cloud, or on employee devices, presents new challenges and opportunities for your organization when it comes to data protection and security. Our Information Governance, Privacy & Security experts can:

  • Develop and implement information governance solutions that reduce corporate risk
  • Cut storage costs
  • Secure and protect data
  • Improve the e-discovery process
  • Enable faster and deeper insight into data

Learn more about our Information Governance, Privacy & Security practice.

Cyber criminals and threat actors use the dark web to coordinate attack plans, sell stolen data, and share personal information. We maintain tailored access to numerous deep and dark web forums and markets, as well as unique open source platforms. Our team provides individuals and organizations clear visibility, in near real time, of the type of threats they are facing, the current level of exposure, and insights into potentially unidentified leaks or breaches. Learn more.

Data shared with third party vendors can leave organizations vulnerable to exposure and creates another access point for threat actors to exploit. Our experts perform third party due diligence assessments to analyze their cyber risk, and provide tailored recommendations for how to mitigate any threats or become compliant with relevant requirements.

Third-party data assessments include reviewing pixel tracking or website tracking technologies. Pixels (and cookies) are used for many legitimate purposes, including digital marketing and web traffic analysis; however, understanding what data these technologies extract, who this data is shared with, and how the data gets transmitted can present complicated privacy and regulatory concerns. Our experts help your organization discover what trackers, cookies, and other technologies are stored on your website, determine what they do, and identify where your website might be sending user information.

Assessing cyber risk during the M&A process is often overlooked. We proactively address vulnerable organizational areas to improve security posture and send a message of accountability to an acquiring or targeted company in an M&A.