Additional Cybersecurity Capabilities

We offer additional cybersecurity solutions to support managing risk and building cyber resiliency. We tailor our cybersecurity capabilities to meet the specific needs of your sector and industry.

Additional Cybersecurity Capabilities

The Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is a deployable, managed service that connects top-level security experts with organizations that need cybersecurity experience and guidance, with flexibility and scalability that could not otherwise be achieved. Learn more.

We provide practical, best-in-class business continuity planning solutions to improve cyber resilience; assess cyber maturity; guide implementations necessary for security posture improvement; develop cyber incident response plans; and identify lessons learned and apply them in business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Learn more.

Using state-of-the-art techniques and simulation software, we develop a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s risk management processes and develop a corresponding risk model. We determine which various risk factors in the model are correlated and suggest changes to existing control systems.

We have extensive experience in assessing data privacy risk management capabilities across a variety of data environments and risk profiles, including government regulated entities. Specifically, we assist with the development, design, implementation, and testing of privacy policies, processes, and technology assessments. Learn more.

Using a cross-functional team, we investigate and understand blockchain or cryptocurrencies claims. We extract relevant data to prove or disprove claims, educate all case parties about the nuanced elements surrounding cryptocurrency transactions, and deliver written reports outlining evidence for judges, jury, and clients. Learn more.

Reliance on mobile devices and home offices to conduct business has become prevalent, and malicious actors take advantage of new entry points to access information and capital. Using the experience gained by defending Fortune 100 companies, we assist individuals with the same service right in their home. Learn more.

Our team creates tailored employee training to provide a measurable improvement in your network defense. Using extensive industry experience, our experts design programs that build your employees’ knowledge base, define appropriate standards of behavior, and promote secure behavior.

Integrated, Holistic Solutions

FTI Consulting works in tandem with your organization to develop and implement processes and tools to effectively prepare for, and respond to, a cyber incident or investigation. Learn more.

FTI Cybersecurity supports all needs and challenges related to cybersecurity for the healthcare sector, including forensic accounting and technology, data and analytics, data privacy and protection, and crisis management and strategic communications. Learn more.

FTI Cybersecurity works with your team and your portfolio companies to evaluate specific needs to tailor solutions that enhance security and readiness to defend against the unique cybersecurity risks facing your organization and your investments. Learn more.

FTI Consulting is capable of handling all aspects of a return to work plan, positioning our clients to seamlessly transition from the temporary working environments created by COVID-19. Learn more.

FTI Consulting supports organizations in the preparation, implementation, and management of the vaccine to ensure the integrity, security, and efficiency of its supply chain. Learn more.

Industry Cybersecurity Capabilities

Due to the complexity and interdependencies of hyperconnected digital and physical assets in critical infrastructure, the required coordination to mitigate risk and respond to incidents is a massive undertaking. FTI Cybersecurity understands the planning required to conduct day-to-day business operations, while simultaneously preparing and training for a critical infrastructure incident. Learn more.

While technological advances have led to improved efficiency, they have also increased the energy sector’s exposure to cyber threats. We perform cybersecurity program assessments; conduct policies, procedures, and staff gap analysis and design; assist with federal regulation cybersecurity compliance readiness; develop and test incident preparedness and response plans; execute crisis simulation and table-top exercises; and provide crisis management and strategic communications support after a breach. Learn more.

Financial services companies have historically been targets of fraud and cyber criminals looking to steal money, customer information, and proprietary data. With mounting cyber risks and increasing regulation, a mature cybersecurity program is paramount. FTI Cybersecurity works with you to evaluate your specific needs to tailor solutions that enhance security and resilience against the unique cybersecurity risks facing your organization and your potential investments. Learn more.

Every year, SWIFT users around the world are required to demonstrate their level of compliance against SWIFT’s Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF). Compliance attestations are required to be independently assessed through an external assessment. Further, as regulatory frameworks evolve, SWIFT users are expected, by their counterparties, regulators, and the global SWIFT community to be prepared for cyber incidents and aid in the prevention of cyber-related fraud. FTI Consulting is a global leading provider of independent cyber, risk, and communications management advisory services and an approved SWIFT Customer Security Programme provider. Learn more.