Case Studies

Portfolio-Wide Assessment for a Global Private Equity Firm


FTI Cybersecurity was hired by a global private equity firm to complete a formal portfolio-wide assessment to identify the cybersecurity maturity of each firm. An assessment was conducted on an international entertainment business and was to take place on an annual basis to identify gaps in maturity and areas in need of investment.

The firm understood the need to improve their resilience given the sensitive data they held and processed but were challenged by their complex structure following several acquisitions. In addition, they did not have a trusted security advisor, so they were ineffectively prioritizing security and business initiatives compared to the true risk they carried. They needed help understanding this risk and creating a strong business case to obtain necessary budget from their investors to strengthen their cybersecurity maturity.


We were hired to conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity program assessment that included a review of policies, procedures, staff, technology, past breaches, currently digital exposures, and effectiveness of established controls. The assessment lasted approximately three weeks and required detailed staff interviews, significant document review, analysis exposure of externally facing infrastructure, and evidence identification of past cyber breaches, and the sale of compromised company domains and passwords on the dark web.


Our experts produced a detailed roadmap allowing the client to properly align with industry standards and best practice frameworks, and to remediate gaps. The firm used our report to successfully secure an $800K budget from their investors to remediate the issues.

When we were hired to complete their second-year assessment, the company had dramatically improved their security posture and successfully remediated almost all previously identified gaps. The company has now woven FTI Cybersecurity into their business strategy and consult us regarding major transformations and technology investment.