Renato Fazzone

Senior Managing Director, Technology

Düsseldorf||+49 211 30297955

Renato Fazzone is a Senior Managing Director and Head of Technology for Germany at FTI Consulting, based in Düsseldorf. He has worked exclusively in the technology field since the early 2000s.

Mr. Fazzone has amassed considerable experience in both the technical and strategic application of technology regarding regulatory requirements, as well as those of the clients he represents. He has helped clients navigate corporate fraud matters such as corruption, asset misappropriation, financial statement fraud and antitrust violations. Mr. Fazzone has extensive expertise in a wide array of industries, having assisted clients in a range of misconduct issues.

In his current role, Mr. Fazzone constantly applies cutting-edge technology, helping clients identify hard facts related to highly sensitive cases. He has worked closely with management or supervisory boards and, if necessary, reported back to regulatory authorities such as the SEC, DOJ, DFS, FSO, the European Commission, local prosecutors and local antitrust authorities.

Mr. Fazzone has provided advice on a wide variety of special investigations, including in industries such as financial services, banking, retail, automotive, construction, real estate and steel, as well as a variety of other manufacturing industries. He has also advised clients (together with the client’s legal advisors) on data leakage and intellectual property theft, as well as on competition and litigation issues. Mr. Fazzone has authored numerous articles that have been published in the European press and is a frequent conference speaker.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Mr. Fazzone was a Partner at BDO AG in Germany, heading their E-discovery and Computer Forensic service.

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