Peter Kay

Senior Managing Director, Data & Analytics

Boston, MA||+1 617 256 7196

Peter Kay is a Senior Managing Director and Co-Leader of FTI Consulting’s Data & Analytics practice in the Americas and is based in Boston. Mr. Kay has more than 20 years of experience providing litigation, financial, and business consulting services to organizations and their counsel involving a variety of business issues and disputes.

At FTI Consulting, Mr. Kay assists clients with complex data-intensive disputes and regulatory investigations. His areas of specialization include: complex claims management; data acquisition and forensic analysis of financial, transactional, and operational datasets; risk and economic modelling of mortgage- backed securities and whole loans; complex insurance claim disputes; bankruptcies and other cases requiring analysis and modelling of structured financial data. Mr. Kay has testified on data acquisition and management, authored numerous expert reports, prepared reserve and off-set analyses for SEC financial reporting, lead mass tort insurance claims settlement negotiations, and provided numerous presentations to company boards, CFOs, CEOs, GCs, and their counsel.

Mr. Kay has extensive experience managing large financial service and litigation engagements both domestically and internationally. He has served clients in the financial sector, including banks, hedge funds, and investors. He has worked in nearly every major industry, including insurance, oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, utility/energy, pumps and fluid technology, telecommunications, electronics, glass and plastics, construction, automotive, and general manufacturing.

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