Grainne Bryan

Senior Managing Director, Technology

Dublin||+353 87 739 3089

Gráinne Bryan is a Senior Managing Director in FTI Consulting’s Technology segment and is based in Dublin. Ms. Bryan is a member of the E-Discovery Consulting & Services practice and has worked in the legal industry for more than two decades.

Throughout her career, Ms. Bryan has worked in a consultative capacity with law firms and corporate legal departments enabling them to effectively leverage technology and resources in all areas of legal practice. With deep expertise in general management, consulting, project management and legal professional experience, Ms. Bryan is an experienced leader and team builder in professional environments with a reputation for people management, talent sourcing, mentoring and communication.

A solution-orientated project manager who can formulate and drive a consistent approach towards all aspects of a project, Ms. Bryan has many years corporate exposure in delivering individual solutions to specific projects and has standardized workflows and processes for many projects involving all aspects of data identification, collection, production and review.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Ms. Bryan was instrumental in the setting up of some of Ireland’s primary and largest in-house e-discovery, project services and technology teams, assisting on many notable e-discovery, AI, corporate and regulatory projects.

Ms. Bryan is a frequent writer and speaker on a variety of topics ranging from e-discovery, AI technology, the future workforce and legal cost control to leadership development, performance management and staff mentoring in today’s workplace. She was recognized at the 2018 Dublin Tech Summit at the Women in Tech Awards in the Digital Transformation category.

Ms. Bryan holds an LL.B. in Law from Griffith College.

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