Evan Roberts

Senior Managing Director, Strategic Communications

New York, NY|evan.roberts@fticonsulting.com|+1 212 850 5777

Evan Roberts is a Senior Managing Director in FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications segment and is based in New York. His experience runs a gamut of diverse scenarios and includes ransomware attacks, large-scale data exfiltration, spear phishing attacks, and employee data theft.

In his role, Mr. Roberts advises companies and develops and executes multistakeholder communication programs around moments of significant change and crisis, including data privacy challenges, cybersecurity incidents, and other crisis scenarios. He has particular expertise in designing and implementing complex issues management campaigns and providing crisis communications support around cybersecurity incidents. He has counseled clients through nation-state attacks and ransomware incidents conducted by some of the highest-profile threat actors, as well as insider threats and breaches involving third-party vendors that led to significant data compromise.

Mr. Roberts also has extensive experience counseling clients through cybersecurity preparedness exercises and designing scenario plans and response playbooks to prepare for a variety of potential cyber crises. Mr. Roberts has provided cyber response and issues management counsel to a range of companies, from publicly traded Fortune 500 businesses to smaller operators with less established infrastructure and communications functions.

Mr. Robert’s select client engagement work includes some of the largest and most complex cybersecurity incidents around the globe, including some of the most highly publicized ransomware attacks in recent memory. He is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and has spoken at some of the most prominent cybersecurity industry events as an expert in cyber crisis communications. 

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