Daniel Nunn

Senior Director, Cybersecurity


Mr. Nunn is a seasoned expert in threat and risk management, bringing a wealth of experience to address a wide array of cybersecurity needs, spanning from policy and compliance management to operational delivery and data-led transformation programmes.

Prior to FTI, Mr. Nunn served as the Senior Vice President at Bank of America, playing a pivotal role in establishing, deploying, and managing a pioneering Global Threat Defence function. This accomplishment earned regulatory praise and recognition from the U.S. Patent Office.

Before his tenure at Bank of America, Mr. Nunn held the position of Principal Cybersecurity Technical Specialist at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In this capacity, he contributed significantly to policy development for the world’s largest prudential regulator, and his leadership extended to conducting cybersecurity engagements with prominent US-based and European regulators. He also lent his expertise to public service bodies such as the G7 and Federal Stability Board, where he maintains many of these strong and enduring relationships.

Throughout his career, Mr. Nunn has held influential positions within global data centre and cloud organisations. His active contributions to the technical press have established him as a thought leader in the industry, and he has been instrumental in spearheading high-profile engagements with public sector entities and major global technology clients. Mr. Nunn also has three U.S. patents pending for innovative cyber technology.

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