This year’s theme is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” FTI Cybersecurity will promote cybersecurity awareness and safety for all organizations and individuals through articles, podcasts, and tips each week.

The COVID-19 Cyber Threat Landscape

In this episode of The Expert Briefing, our FTI Cybersecurity experts discuss the latest issues and trends impacting the world of cybersecurity and how Covid-19 has changed the Cyber Threat Landscape. Listen here.

Week 1 | October 5 – 9 | If You Connect It, Protect It

Article of the Week

Internet-connected devices, programs, and apps are ubiquitous in today’s world and provide conveniences to our daily lives. But all that convenience comes with a price. In this FTI Journal article, FTI Cybersecurity experts present best practices for protecting your connected devices. Read the article.

Week 2 | October 12 – 16 | Securing Devices at Home and Work

Article of the Week

Most of us consider the minicomputer we carry in our pockets to be a direct line for managing various parts of our personal and professional lives. Cyber criminals look at our smartphones through a different lens. They see a veritable treasure chest of data and information for the taking. In this FTI Journal article, David Dunn presents essential best practices for securing your mobile device at home and on the job. Read the article.

Week 3 | October 19 – 23 | Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare

Article of the Week

Internet-connected healthcare devices, ubiquitous in hospitals, are often rife with vulnerabilities. In this FTI Journal article, Jordan Rae Kelly and Patrick MacGloin detail how hospitals can keep their networks secure and patients safe. Read the article.

Week 4 | October 26 – 30 | The Future of Connected Devices

Article of the Week

In a world where hackers can change a satellite’s orbit, or youngsters honing their cyber skills can cause huge disruptions, organizations need to be more vigilant than ever when protecting operational technology.  In this FTI Journal article, Paul Reilly shares five ways an organization can remain resilient and keep its OT secure. Read the article.