Case Studies

Insider Threat Investigation for a Global Pharmaceutical Company


The Middle East office of a global pharmaceutical company was subjected to a criminal harassment campaign, targeted at a small number of human resources and management positions. There was an indication that this was an insider campaign, but the client did not have the evidence base to take formal action.


We were retained to conduct a confidential investigation that involved forensic analysis of emails sent, computer data, and mobile phone data. Uncovered evidence led us to conduct further examination into employee backgrounds. Specific allegations were also investigated using open source and proprietary intelligence. Our experts identified an insider threat within the organization, confirming the initial suspicions were correct. All evidence collected was of an evidential standard, so it could be potentially admissible for court proceedings.


The information correlated was sufficient for the client to identify the member of staff responsible, and their employment was terminated. The harassment campaign did not continue, and no further criminal activity occurred. Specific allegations were disproved, thereby allowing recruitment activities to continue uninterrupted.