Cybersecurity Expertise: From the White House to the C-Suite

September 9, 2017

Anthony J. Ferrante, FTI Consulting’s Global Head of Cybersecurity addresses the growing cybersecurity threats affecting U.S. businesses today. 

As the former Director for Cyber Incident Response at the U.S. National Security Council and the former Chief of Staff of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cyber Division, Anthony J. Ferrante has seen cyber risk evolve from a niche focus of intelligence agencies and information technology professionals to a true national-level challenge.

This challenge emerged quickly and is now accelerating rapidly, making it difficult for America’s organizations to keep up. Because of that, cybersecurity has vaulted into the boardroom and created a pressing need for a more formal approach and expertise.

In this Q&A, Ferrante discusses his intelligence-led, strategic approach for addressing the cybersecurity threat to corporate America.

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