Battening Down for the Rising Tide of IoT Risks

August 22, 2017

The Internet of things (IoT) have taken the world by storm, quickly evolving in recent years to offer society unprecedented levels of interconnectedness and efficiency. For decades, technologists have been developing products that offered some level of connectivity to the Internet, but today the landscape is changing faster than our ability to keep apace. IoT technology is both impressive and useful, offering a wide range of benefits for consumers and businesses. With these benefits come equal risks, many of which we can’t fully understand, given how rapidly new devices are coming online. For security professionals, it is critical to acknowledge the risks and begin to evaluate the many ways in which these devices may be exploited by hackers.

This article discusses how IoT has evolved over the last two decades and the security risks that have emerged as a result. It will include a discussion of the key problems with IoT development and regulation, and the most pressing challenges security professionals need to consider when developing programs that include IoT security. The article also shares proactive steps organizations can take to establish or strengthen these programs.

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