Restoring capabilities or services that have been impaired is often your top priority when you face a cybersecurity incident. We develop recovery plans that ensure long-term improvement, limit the potential lasting impacts of cyber incidents, and prevent damage from future incidents. With our recovery assistance, you can get back to business as usual, as soon as possible.

Recover Operations Quickly and Sustainably

FTI Consulting knows that recovery is your top priority. Once the incident has been contained and eradicated, recovery can begin. Recovery allows business processes affected by the incident to resume, so that you can return to normal operations.

Post-Incident Activity: One of the most important aspects of recovery is learning from the event and improving processes. FTI Consulting can help your organization evolve to reflect lessons learned, new threats, and better technology. This evolution is reflected in our report that details the cost, cause, and response for the incident, along with steps that should be taken to prevent future incidents. This phase of incident response provides an opportunity                                                                                                 to achieve closure on security incidents, so that you can get back to business as usual.

Risk Mitigation: In the aftermath of an attack, your business is your top priority. But you may also be facing a variety of legal, regulatory, financial, and operational risks. You may also face privacy concerns, depending on the nature of the attack. FTI Consulting has the experiences across each of these fields to help you address and mitigate these risks.

Protecting Your Interests: The market for cyber insurance is very complicated, and with the rapidly growing market meant to cover losses from cyber attacks, you may find yourself unsure of the extent of your coverage. FTI Consulting has experience with insurance policies of all types and can ensure that you get the coverage you are entitled to, whether you have cyber liability, privacy breach, or network security insurance. We can also make recommendations to ensure future decisions on insurance coverage protect your bottom line.