Timely discovery of impacts to your network can be a key factor in minimizing damage. By implementing continuous security monitoring and advanced detection processes on your networks, FTI Consulting experts can detect anomalies and other security-related events rapidly and proactively.

Identify Threats Rapidly and Proactively

Alerting and Reporting: Integration of and action on threat intelligence in your security processes is a key component of a robust intelligence cycle. FTI Consulting enables the flow of collected information and developed intelligence into existing network tools, like firewalls and intrusion detection systems, along with the automation of response processing that accelerates collaboration with your security personnel and the broader cybersecurity community. This collaboration enables the development of tools and applications that improve global cybersecurity.

Continuous Risk Monitoring: Each phase of the threat intelligence cycle informs the ongoing risk monitoring that your organization requires. By understanding your security strengths and weaknesses, your organization can shift resources based on risk decisions that are driven by threat intelligence. FTI Consulting delivers the intelligence you need to continuously improve your enterprise security defenses.