The deployment of network safeguards is critical. We identify, implement, and manage defensive best-practice processes including access control, awareness and training, data protection policies, network maintenance, and deployment of protective technologies. Through these defensive measures, we ensure the delivery of your critical services and operations.

Defend Your Assets and Infrastructure

FTI Consulting offers a full suite of services that cover the spectrum of cyber defense.

Cybersecurity Compliance Preparedness:  Organizations are now faced with navigating an increasingly complex landscape of laws and regulations that set cybersecurity requirements or minimum standards for the protection of sensitive data, such as personal identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), payment card information (PCI), genetic information, defense information, just to name a few. FTI Consulting can work with an organization to clarify its cybersecurity compliance landscape and requirements, identify any gaps or shortfalls to achieving compliance, and provide solutions to ensure is architected for success.

Defense in Depth: FTI Consulting deploys a wide range of network defense tools that provide your business with cutting edge threat detection and prevention, along with web and email security. The implementation of cyber security technologies and processes at every layer of your company’s network ensures the best-in-class defense of your bottom line.

Vulnerability Assessments: This important process defines, identified, and classifies security gaps in your networks and proposes effective mitigations and countermeasures to defend against them. FTI Consulting combines both technical and non-technical tools and looks through a wide aperture when conducting vulnerability assessments; this approach best positions your company for strong network defense.

Penetration Testing: An important companion to vulnerability assessments, penetration testing simulates the actions of malicious cyber actors who might attempt to exploit your critical systems and gain access to your networks. While penetration testing provides a simply snapshot of your cyber security program’s effectiveness, it can be a useful gauge of whether you are achieving an appropriate return on your investment.

Employee Training: FTI Consulting can produce tailored employee training that provides a measurable improvement in your network defense. Using its extensive industry experience, we build a program that builds your employees’ knowledge base, defines appropriate standards of behavior, and promotes secure behavior. This training program defends your critical assets by decreasing opportunities for trusted users to create security vulnerabilities.