Managing cybersecurity risk begins with developing an organizational understanding of your business environment and its assets. We conduct assessments that inform the development of strategies to manage and mitigate cybersecurity risk to your systems, assets, data, and capabilities.

Assess and Understand Your Environment

Threat intelligence enables strong cybersecurity. By understanding and employing cyber threat intelligence, organizations can gain a strategic advantage over malicious actors. But converting cyber threat information into actionable, contextual intelligence that supports enterprise security decisions is a challenge that organizations should not face alone. FTI Consulting offers targeted solutions aimed at proactively identifying and categorizing threats against your organization through the deployment of customized threat intelligence platforms.

FTI Consulting recognizes that the development of threat intelligence is a circular process, often called the intelligence cycle, because when done correctly, it identifies knowledge gaps, prompting new collection requirements and thus restarting the cycle.

Threat Intelligence Cycle

Cybersecurity Risk Profiles: Initially, the collection of threat data must be driven by understanding the types of threats your organization and assets will face. FTI Consulting experts assess disparate threats and the potential dangers they pose, based on analysis of many factors that make your organization unique. We then develop custom risk profiles that provide a deep understanding of your cybersecurity risk.

Collection and Correlation: Aggregating multiple data formats across multiple sources is no small feat. FTI Consulting uses tailored collection processes that allow organizations to gather security information from across their organization into a single repository in an automated manner. This is key to enabling real-time analytics across many data sets.

Analysis: Cutting edge analytics of threat indicators and the relationships between them enable the production of actionable and contextual threat intelligence. Human analysis coupled with machine-driven processes ensure that critical information buried in diverse data sets will be discovered and brought to action on your networks. To realize this outcome, we deploy custom analytics that enable organizations to quickly pivot on data in order drive security improvements.