Insider Threat and Workplace Misconduct

Network users with trusted access can exploit the systems that protect your most critical assets, exposing your organization to long-lasting, even permanent, effects on your organizational reputation, intellectual property, and economic security. It is critical for firms to implement policies, procedures, and technologies that that address the organizational, behavioral, and technical issues surrounding insider threats.

Insider Threat and Workplace Misconduct

A comprehensive insider threat mitigation program requires coordinated efforts across many organizational stakeholders. FTI Consulting clients rely on us to provide a wide range of services that address opportunities to prevent, detect, and respond to an insider incident. Our experts also have extensive experience with workplace misconduct investigations, which may be appropriate in the aftermath of an impact to your networks.

Prevent: Proper defensive controls can work to prevent malicious insider activity at the outset. FTI Consulting can establish a program that implements a variety of technologies and controls to protect your critical assets, to include security policies, employee awareness training, and access and privilege settings that minimize unnecessary to risk to your organization. These controls will allow you to anticipate and manage potential impacts before they impose negative consequences.

Detect: Identifying suspicious and anomalous user activity is a key component of a cutting-edge insider threat program. Critical aspects of this program must include event logging and review, integrity checks, and independent audits of network activity. FTI Consulting can implement a holistic program, based in an understanding of your corporate network governance that will ensure seamless overlay between your daily operations and threat detection.

Respond: In the aftermath of an incident, your organization must move quickly to respond in order to minimize damage. FTI Consulting can immediately implement a response process that includes recovery of processes and assets, forensic examination, necessary quarantining, and credential removal.

Workplace Misconduct Investigations: Digital misconduct can encompass more than just insider threats. Effective workplace technology investigations require not only extensive experience in network forensics; these investigations must also consider long-term adjustments to policy and necessary actions against the employee, to include litigation. Our experts have the technical capability to undertake the most sensitive investigations, to include conducting discreet forensic reviews through remote cloud-based platforms, while ensuring that your organization minimizes liability and retains its ability to take appropriate action.

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