Christopher Hatfield

Managing Director, Technology

Sydney||+61 2 9235 9318

Christopher Hatfield is a Managing Director in FTI Consulting’s Technology segment and is based in Sydney. For more than 20 years, Mr. Hatfield has worked in the fields of forensic technology, information security, and cyber investigations, gaining considerable experience in both the technical and strategic application of technology-centric solutions for his clients.

Mr. Hatfield advises clients in the areas of digital forensics and e-discovery during investigations, litigation, arbitration, and regulatory inquiries. His engagement experience includes multi-jurisdictional investigations and regulatory inquiries relating to anti-competitive behavior, serious fraud, bribery and corruption related matters and intellectual property theft.

Mr. Hatfield has worked onsite for clients across the globe including Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, and Belgium.

Throughout his career, Mr. Hatfield has assisted in developing and delivering Master of Science educational programs tailored to experienced professionals working within the digital investigations and security fields.

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