Brian Boetig

Senior Managing Director, Cybersecurity

Seattle, WA||+1 206 689 4489

Brian Boetig is a Senior Managing Director in FTI Consulting’s Cybersecurity practice and is based in Seattle. He has more than 33 years of national security, public safety and consulting experience, including as a United States diplomat, FBI Assistant Director, and National Cyber Center Director. He leads global clients through complex cybersecurity challenges with legal, technical, and workforce solutions.

At FTI Consulting, Mr. Boetig focuses on assisting clients with forensically-driven analysis related to data privacy, regulation frameworks, and intellectual property diversions. He leads global complex investigations identifying and resolving internal, criminal, nation-state, and technical threats. He has helped clients understand the impact of website tracking technologies and their regulatory implications. He leads organizations during times of crisis, offering integrated technical and communication resolutions to promote recovery and resiliency. Mr. Boetig also advises on a variety of national security and public safety matters.

Prior to FTI Consulting, Mr. Boetig was a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Senior Executive Service (SES) from 2012 through 2022. His senior leadership roles in the FBI included serving as the Assistant Director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, responsible for strategic leadership of efforts to eliminate adversaries’ procurement networks and illicit use of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons worldwide. He was the Director of the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force, the U.S. government, multi-agency cyber center that had the responsibility to coordinate, integrate, and share information to support cyber threat investigations and intelligence production for government decision-makers and private sector stakeholders in pursuit of counterintelligence defense, cyber risk mitigation, and incident response. His senior field positions were as the Special Agent in Charge of the Buffalo, New York Division and Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Oklahoma City Division.

Additional FBI assignments dating back to 1998 include serving in diplomatic assignments as the FBI Legal Attaché in Canada, overseeing offices in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver, and also as the Legal Attaché for Ireland and the United Kingdom. Mr. Boetig supervised an elite Cyber Crimes Squad in Silicon Valley for the FBI’s San Francisco Division and concurrently served as the Task Force Manager of the California state-funded Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team. He was a recipient of the University of Virginia’s Jefferson Award for his research and instruction at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, served a two-year assignment to the Central Intelligence Agency, and led teams with the Counterterrorism Division exploiting digital media and developing tools to enhance forensic collection and analysis in laboratory and austere environments.

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