Agostino Conte

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Agostino Conte is a Senior Consultant in FTI Consulting’s Cybersecurity practice and is based in New York. Mr. Conte is a career cybersecurity professional, specializing in the implementation and development of cybersecurity focused tools. He has extensive experience in incident response, cyber-threat analysis and research, and network and host based forensics.

Before joining FTI Consulting Mr. Conte worked for Citigroup’s Cyber Security Fusion Center as Assistant Vice President of the Integrated Cyber Threat Analysis Team. In that role his job function included leading the development of cybersecurity related tools that focused on intelligence-led proactive solutions for detecting, analyzing, and attributing cybersecurity related threats. Prior to working for Citi’s Fusion Center Mr. Conte served as lead investigator for Citi Security and Investigative Services specializing in disk forensics, malware analysis, and electronic crimes.

Mr. Conte’s diverse cybersecurity investigative experience includes host and network based forensics and advanced cyber-threat analytics. His background in development and scripting has enabled him to supplement these capabilities with sophisticated automation techniques leveraging OSINT, dark web, and vendor derived intelligence sources.

Utilizing various opensource software as well as home brew development, Mr. Conte has been able to create solutions to efficiently and effectively evaluate immense datasets of varying formats to produce coherent and human consumable reports. Mr. Conte is experienced with APIs from numerous social media platforms, cyber intelligence vendors, and OSINT tools, combining them for cyber reconnaissance and enhancing existing data to further progress business intelligence and identify potential anomalies.

Mr. Conte holds a Master of Arts in Cybersecurity and Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management from Fordham University and is a GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) Certified Incident Handler.

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