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Our multidisciplinary group of industry-experienced professionals maintain relationships with intelligence agencies, regulatory authorities, and private agencies to better support our clients in their prevention, response, and investigation of cyber threats and incidents. Many of our professionals have backgrounds and experience in healthcare, both with hospitals as well as medical device and software companies, and carry a keen understanding of the cyber threats and challenges facing American hospitals today.

We support all needs and challenges related to cybersecurity for the healthcare sector, including forensic accounting and technology, data and analytics, data privacy and protection, and crisis management and strategic communications.

The following FTI Consulting services are American Hospital Association Preferred Cybersecurity Services:

Complex Investigations
Our team routinely tackles large-scale and complex issues that often stem from data security related concerns and demand intricate solutions. We support clients facing high-stakes litigation, including class action data privacy cases, arbitration and compliance investigations, and regulatory scrutiny.

Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing, & Gap Assessments
Knowing whether your critical assets are at risk is key in strengthening your infrastructure. We design custom vulnerability assessment plans, employ various penetration testing methodologies and techniques, and conduct thorough gap assessments.

Our Industry Insights

Managing Director Matt Chevraux discusses the cyber threat landscape in the healthcare industry.
Managing Director Jamie Singer, Co-Leader of Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Communications, discusses the cybersecurity risks associated with the healthcare industry and how communications plays a key role in navigating incidents.

Hospital Leadership: Can You Answer These 5 Questions About Your Cybersecurity Incident Response Preparedness?
Now more than ever, hospital leadership teams must be actively involved in their cybersecurity incident response planning efforts. In this article, our experts discuss how leadership teams can enhance their cybersecurity preparedness posture.

Breaking Down Washington State’s My Health, My Data Act
Earlier this year, Washington state released the My Health My Data Act (MHMDA), a rigorous, consent-driven law protecting personal health information. In this article, FTI experts Brian Boetig and Ryan Smyth discuss what this means for organizations and actions to achieve compliance.

Advertising Analytics and Pixel Trackers in Health Care
In this article for American Health Law Association, FTI experts Brian Boetig, Andrew Shaxted, and Jamie Singer discuss the risk of exposing sensitive patient information through advertising analytics trackers and pixels and associated cyber threats and regulatory risk in the health care industry.

The Internet of Medical Things and Cybersecurity Risk
In this article for The CISO Times, FTI Consulting experts discuss how Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) companies can better prepare before a cybersecurity incident occurs.

A Presidential ‘Prescription’ for Hospital Cybersecurity
In this article, FTI Consulting experts discuss the rising threat of cyber attacks in healthcare.

New Year’s Resolutions: Cybersecurity Preparedness for the Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector
In this article, FTI Consulting experts discuss steps healthcare and life sciences organizations can take to enhance their cybersecurity preparedness in 2023.

Medical Robotics: the Fears and Frontiers
In this article for Healthcare Digital, our experts explore cybersecurity and medical devices in healthcare and discuss what’s next for robotics.

Five Ways Healthcare Providers Can Tighten Cybersecurity
The rapid adoption of new healthcare technologies is outpacing the protective measures providers must take to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. In this article, our Cybersecurity experts, in collaboration with Critical Insight, share five ways healthcare providers can tighten cybersecurity.

Balancing Cybersecurity and Your Hospital’s Digital Transformation
With the need to continue to push ahead with digital transformation while maintaining the highest safety standards, healthcare leaders must assess common pitfalls in this transition and carefully evaluate and implement cybersecurity risk mitigation strategies.

Don’t Let Your Healthcare System Become a Hostage
As the threat of ransomware attacks on healthcare systems continues to rise, some traditional defensive measures are becoming obsolete. To better prepare, and to mitigate issues following an attack, firms must take a holistic approach to fortifying their cybersecurity posture.

The Healthcare Industry Needs a Cybersecurity Booster Shot
The unfortunate reality is that the healthcare industry faces tremendous risks from cyber threats due to a combination of dangerous factors. In this article, our experts analyze those factors and how they contribute to the industry’s cyber risk.

Are Connected Medical Devices Leaving Your Hospital’s Doors Wide Open?
Internet-connected healthcare devices, ubiquitous in hospitals, are often rife with vulnerabilities. In this article, our experts detail how hospitals can keep their networks secure and patients safe.

Our Industry Experts

Jordan Rae Kelly
Head of Cybersecurity, Americas
Matt Chevraux
Managing Director, Cybersecurity
Charles D. Overstreet
Global Leader of Health Solutions